In this Back to Godhead article, “Time and Again,” Mathuresa Dasa presents a detailed account of time and creation according to the Vedic scriptures. The Krishna conscious view of the world is highly personalized. Devotees of Lord Krishna recognize Him as the Supreme God who easily accomplishes everything He desires, including creating universes. Without diminishing Himself, Lord Krishna appears in various forms to attend to the task of creation while He enjoys with His devotees in His eternal spiritual abode.

Everything Krishna does, including creating this word, is called lila, or pastime. His devotees find special satisfaction in recalling the lilas He enacts when He comes to this world. In “Lord Nityananda Delivers the Thieves,” Mohini Radha Devi Dasi recounts a lila of Lord Nityananda, a form Balarama, who is Krishna’s first expansion, equal in power to Him.

Like Krishna Himself, His pure devotees are also transcendental to this world, and their activities are also considered lila. Though many Back to Godhead readers are familiar with the lila of Srila Prabhupada’s voyage to the West, in “Passage from India” Satyaraja Dasa tells us more about the woman who no doubt reaped great spiritual benefit for helping Prabhupada begin his momentous journey.

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