“Idam Radha-Krsnaya, idam na mama”


Shyamsundarananda Prabhu, the facilitator of the Yajna course says: “Mayapur Travelling Sankirtan devotees are extremely exemplary in every way. After just one day of presentation, they are able to perform the initiation fire sacrifice without mistakes. Also, their standard of cleanliness is very high. The tent was never before cleaned so nicely, during classes as well as after the classes.” The course is going on in the middle of the rainy season. To facilitate a safe place against the rain & wind, the tent was built again on the roof of the Mayapur Academy. This time it’s giving much better shelter than the previously, and also the number of Yajna kundas has increased- 1 big fire in the center and 6 smaller fires around. Read more : Mayapur Academy


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