24 Hour Kirtan at New Gokula Farm


On the final day of World Holy Name Festival, coinciding with HG Aindra Prabhu’s 108 hour memorial Kirtan, we will be holding a Maha 24 Hour Kirtan at New Gokula Farm. The event is also held over a long weekend and in uni/school spring holidays so if you were thinking about coming, Click here for the Facebook page make that a DEFINITELY and tick yes on the Facebook event RSVP box. Look forward to seeing you there for an amazing 24 hours of constant chanting of the Holy Name. …If you have any queries or can sing the Holy Name in any capacity, shoot an emailvto Nimai or Krishnapada Prabhu a msg on facebook or email (nimai2 at hotmail.com or krishnapada at hotmail.com) and they’ll slide you in on the roster.



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