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Journey of Martial Arts Performance

Dina Dayal Dasa, an Estonian disciple of Indradyumna Swami, has been attending the Polish tour for 10 years, and started performing martial arts since 2004. Although humble and quiet, he is winning the audience’s heart with his artistic martial arts performance.

Click the following link to see the YouTube videos of Dina Dayal in action

Read the interview with Dina Dayal by Maharani Vrinda Devi Dasi (Maharani Vrinda). Text is provided by Gopi Gita Devi Dasi on Indradyumna Swami’s web site.

Maharani Vrinda: How did you begin performing martial arts for the tour?

Dina Dayal: In 2004, I had just been attending the tour. Several weeks before the tour started, we were cleaning and washing the tents. I took a broomstick and was whirling it, just for my own pleasure for a few moments. Mother Sri Radha Sakhi Vrinda saw it and immediately decided that I was good for the stage, although personally I was very shy and couldn’t imagine doing that. That year, I was in the first part of Ramayana for 30 seconds only and gradually started to do more.

Maharani Vrinda: The performance looks quite professional. So how often do you practice? Do you follow some specific diet?

Dina Dayal: To do it perfectly one needs to practice at least six hours a day. But sometimes because of the traveling, or costume making, I do not have that much time. I try to practice an hour every day. Regarding diet, I avoid fried things, like pakoras and sweets – the rich food. As professional sportsmen, I also have to eat small quantities 5-6 times a day.

Maharani Vrinda: We noticed that this year you are having more partners and action in the performance; could you explain a bit about this development?

Dina Dayal: I had an injury during one performance in Australia last year, and Gurudeva was worried. So I wanted to reduce the intensity of performance and had to fill the gap in between. So I started to create a drama, and Gurudeva liked it and said I should go in this direction. I also added some new actors, to make it more colorful and professional.

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