Arcana, the Journal of the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry, Vol Four, 2010.


By Antony Brennan.

With beautiful pictures of deities, pujaris, paraphernalia, and Krishna’s temples from all over the world the latest edition of Arcana, the Journal of the Deity Worship Ministry is now available. Arcana is filled to the brim with articles, profiles, instructions, recipes, poetry, interviews, and stories from the community of assembled devotees. It’s hard to believe all this can all fit in one publication.

Printed in full, glossy colour, this issue of the Arcana Journal contains two posters in a double sided, pull-out centrefold. There are also two frame-able deity pictures. The Journal is a rich resource for anyone interested in deity worship. Lush graphics and pictures adorn the articles filling the pages from beginning to end.

Get your copy and find out about the ‘big secret’ of the summer in The Lord’s Summer Pastimes in Mayapur. Brush up on your knowledge and practice of Acamana in Sipping Water for Purification. Read about The Pancatattva in Hawaii, and The Groves of Belfast, There is a pujari profile of HG Caturatma Dasa, an article about worshipping the Salagrama Sila and even more.

Is deity worship the same as idol worship? Read what Srila Prabhupada has to say. Read and Think Across Religious Boundaries with Krsna Ksetra Dasa, and come to grips with a misunderstood form of worship with Satyaraja Dasa and Vrinda Devi Dasi.

In Train up pujaris read about the work of the Mayapur Academy in creating a brahminical vision and a spiritual future. There is a profile on Bhaktivedanta Manor in England, and you can follow along with the relocation of Sri Sri Radha Parisisvara into their new temple in Paris, France.

The purpose of Arcana Journal is to be a forum for devotees engaged in deity worship and to describe the challenges and glories of deity worship and related matters. Arcana Journal seeks to provide inspiration for maintaining and expanding the proper worship of deities in ISKCON, based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. Arcana promotes awareness of the importance of deity worship as an integral feature of devotional service and of the preaching mission of the Krishna consciousness movement.

Get Arcana Journal for yourself, for your temple pujari, or for anyone you know who worships the deity of the Lord.

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