Nothing Happens by Chance


In Perth I walked up to a house and saw a man sitting on a low brick fence by his driveway and holding a half-empty beer can. I walked straight up to him (wearing dhoti and kurta) and told him I was showing everyone some books on inner peace.

As he spoke I could see a lot of anguish on his face. He asked if what I do made me happy. I said yes, especially the meditation we practice. He looked at the SSR I was showing him and said he liked this sort of book and would have a look at it.

Then he opened up to me and told me he’d been a sniper in Afghanistan for ten years and had returned to Australia a year ago to see his family for Christmas, whom he hadn’t seen all that time. Just before he was able to see them, his mother, father, brother, and sister — all his immediate family — were killed in a car accident.

He said now he was trying to clean up his act and tolerate the emotional pain he felt due to both the death of his family and all the killing he’d done in Afghanistan (he felt especially guilty about accidently killing a five-year-old boy). He’d become a vegetarian and was growing veggies in his garden. He gave a donation and said he’d try reading the book.

Read the rest of the story at: The Book Distribution Seminar site


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