Hare Krishna Valley


Hare Krishna ValleyHare Krishna Valley was founded in 1987, as a rural community for the members of the Hare Krishna Movement. The beginning years saw the development of a great deal of infrastructure, including residential buildings, a school, ashrama buildings, a bridge, a dairy and a market garden. The goal was to practice a Krishna conscious lifestyle in a peaceful, country environment.

Our motto at Hare Krishna Valley is “natural living, high thinking”. Natural living means that we live a comfortable, uncomplicated life in harmony with nature. By reducing our “wants” to “needs”, we manage to live in a peaceful state of mind. Peace of mind is a prerequisite to true happiness.

All of humanity’s needs can be amply supplied from Mother Nature. At Hare Krishna Valley we aim to develop a self-sufficient farm community in which we gratefully receive our gifts from the earth and in return protect the earth from unnecessary harm. Our projects include an investment in bio-dynamic farming, a humanitarian dairy, protection of wild life, forest regeneration and developing solar energy.

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