Janmastami is coming – find out where and when



The Divine Appearance of Lord Sri Krishna

(fast till midnight)

Thursday 2nd September 2010

4pm till 1am

Arati & Continuous Kirtan in the temple room and outside marquee

Abhiseka / Discourse / Offerings Gifts / Midnight Candle-lit arati / Grand Feast

Temple Restaurant open from 5:30pm until 11:30pm

Janmashtami commemorates the earthly appearance of Krishna, who is described in India’s sacred writings as God Himself. One of the biggest religious festivals in the world, it is celebrated by nine hundred and thirty million people around the world–and two million in the US alone. To devotees, it’s Christmas and New Year’s in one, a day of deep spiritual renewal and celebration that effectively finishes an old year and begins a fresh one.

But why Janmashtami, you may ask? What’s so special about Krishna, as opposed to any other form of God? It’s His personableness
For every devotee who offers Him love, He reciprocates in uniquely human ways. He is a mischievous son, a romantic lover, a compassionate friend. And on Janmashtami, devotees celebrate Krishna in all of these aspects. For just as Krishna reciprocates individually with His relatives and confidantes, he responds to the distinct feelings and desires held most deeply in the heart of every single worshipper.

So remember that whatever way you worship Krishna on Janmashtami, He will reciprocate with you accordingly. It’s a meditation that makes for an extremely rewarding devotional experience. Please join us in the temple this year for an extra special celebration.

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Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Canberra
Venue: CSIRO Discovery Centre, North Science Road , Canberra.

Time: 6.00 pm – midnight
See the web site for more details

Sri Krishna Janmastami in Adelaide
Program: Abhisekam, Drama, Dance, Bhajan, Arati, Kirtan, Reading, Prasadam
Adelaide’s Bhakti Vedanta Ashram, at 25 Le Hunte Street, Kilburn, is located just 10 minutes from the CBD and surrounded by parkland.

Phone – 08 8359 5120, Fax – 08 8359 5120
Email – iskconsa@tpg.com.au

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New Gokula Farm
New Gokula Farm will be celebrating the auspicious event of Shri Krishna Janmastami on Thursday September 2nd. Please come along and get the blessings of Shri Shri Radha Gokulananda by chanting in the association of devotees.

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New Govardhana

Sri Krishna Janmastami, Thursday Septembe,r 2nd.

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ISKCON Melbourne

Dear Friend,
Please accept Sri Sri Radha Vallabha’s great blessings! I am sure you will agree that by far the most exciting day on our calendar is Sri Krishna Janmastami. At Melbourne it is BIG, BEAUTIFUL and FESTIVE. A memorable day that begins at the crack of dawn and ends after midnight with every minute filled with great excitement. It is a day like no other – and it is only a few weeks away!!

That is why, on behalf of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vallabha, I personally want to invite you, your family and friends to this great day. Come and see the Deities resplendent in Their specially designed outfits. Come and enjoy Their opulent prasadam specially prepared for that day. Come and soak up the spiritual atmosphere and return home feeling enlivened and renewed! They are waiting to enjoy your company. This year Sri Krishna Janmastami falls on a Thursday.

Make a note in your diaries: Krishna Janmastami, Thursday, 2nd September, an all day event. Major programmes begin at 6.30pm.

Even though this is a weekday we expect big crowds because it is everyone’s favourite day. Last year we stopped counting at the 8,000 mark. Being a week day, the crowds were slow in the early evening then really picked-up from about 10pm. By midnight huge crowds were still thronging through the entrance to see Their Lordships.

We can expect a similar crowd this year. Towards the end of every Janmastami evening I ask you, Sri Sri Radha Vallabha’s guests, how you enjoyed the festival. Last year you told me that you loved the decorations n the temple, the Deities were indescribably beautiful, the kirtana was enlivening, and the atmosphere festive and blissful. In fact as one lady told me, “Melbourne is known for throwing very good festivals …”, then she added, “….and that is true!” People love coming to our Sri Krishna Janmastami festivals.

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