Join the grass roots revolution: In Brisbane


“We need grass roots revolution. That means YOU and ME. I’m part of the grass roots…For years and years and years, at least 21 years, I’ve personally been here trying to somehow or other bring it to the attention of the lay devotees… Nama Sankirtana will come back, I guarantee it, with the co-operation of a few good people who are willing to step forward in their various localities all over the world and help to generate tha…t faith, that consciousness in the Holy Name. So please help, wherever you may go and do the real thing, to actually implement the Yuga Dharma.” – Aindra Dasa.

27th August, 2010

Time: Friday · 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location:Harinama Party will leave from Govinda’s Restaurant – Friday Night @ 7pm
99 Elizabeth Street Brisbane, Australia

See the web site for more details


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