PAMHO Live: Arrudha Devi Dasi and Radhika Ramana Dasa tell it like it is


Special Guests Her Grace Aruddha devi dasi & Radhika Raman Dasa, Sydney visit 26th – 28th July

Recently we had the special opportunity to host Aruddha Mataji and her son Radhika Raman in Sydney.

They gave evening classes on home schooling, addressing the various aspects of Krishna conscious home schooling they have practiced.

During their stay Arrudha and her son Radhika spoke to Antony Brennan about their tour; about writing, about study, about teaching and preaching and temple building; PHD’s; meeting the Pope and giving him a Bhagavad-gita; and much much more.

Thanks to Arrudha and Radhika for their association, and for sharing their knowledge with us.

PAMHO live-Aruddha devi dasi and Radhika Raman dasa in Sydney July 2010 by


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