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Malaysia has over 10 ISKCON temples and carries out 32 Ratha Yatras per year: astounding!

I had an invitation to cook prasadam, teach yoga and give presentations on non-violent communication from a Krishna Conscious perspective.

The retreat was run by my friend Stephan whom I met in the Temple in Melbourne 3 years ago. A beautiful setting on a very non-touristic island in thailand’s far south: Koh Yao Noi.

About 20 people attended for the “meditation and movement” retreat, consisting of yoga, rock climbing and meditation. the atmosphere was one of mutual respect and a lot of appreciation, although my spiritual practice differs from Stephan’s (and certainly those of the participants. it was a good exchange. It gave me the opportunity to deepen my identity in Krishna Consciousness and time to deal with my material desires in my own space.

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