New Varshana Farm: New Zealand


New Varshana rural community is located only twenty minutes drive from the Auckland CBD. The thirty-hectare property is nestled amongst orchards and produce stores on the scenic Riverhead-Coatesville highway. The temple complex is fast becoming a drawcard for spiritual seekers and curious day-trippers. The Radha Giridhari temple is the showpiece for the Hare Krishna movement in New Zealand, and visitors are guaranteed a transcendental feast for the senses.

The property is a spiritual shelter for those inclined to learn more about the philosophy and lifestyle. For this purpose, New Varshana offers residents ashram facility according to individual needs. Brahmachari and brahmacharini ashrams for single men and women trainees co-exist alongside grihasta ashram for couples and families. We are an international community dedicated to exemplifying the ideals of simple living and high thinking, and a positive alternative to modern materialistic lifestyles.

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