Web sites devotees made for you


Devotees around Australia and in neighbouring regions make web sites to encourage others in their Krishna consciousness.

Some sites address life in general, others focus on specific issues. All of them are interesting and inspiring.

Have a look at these sites. If you like what you see let the creator know. If you know of other web sites made by devotees that we can share with everyone click here send a message and let us know.

The Starseed Community

Hello, I’m a monk! Long story short… the philosophy I discovered within ancient sanskrit texts answered most of the important questions in my heart & mind. Within weeks I moved into a temple/ashram and haven’t since looked back!


Nrsimhadeva.com is dedicated to Indradyumna Swami and to Srila Prabhupada who brought the glories of Nrsimhadeva to every country. Check out the photo galleries, read the rare pastimes and subscribe to the newsletter.


Krishnacore is a fairly loose term which attempts to define a phenomena of hardcore/punk bands whose members practice Krishna consciousness in their own lives and teach the philosophy for the benefit of others through their music, lyrics and other methods. There have been many bands from all genres of music doing just that since the 1970’s, including rock, reggae, hip-hop/rap, and dance, so one may ask what’s so special about hardcore bands doing it that has earned them the title ‘Krishnacore’.


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