Help Bhaktivedanta Hospital’s annual Barsana eye camp to save the eyesight of as many Brajbasis as possible


Help Bhaktivedanta Hospital’s annual Barsana eye camp to save the eyesight of as many Brajbasis as possible.

By Antony Brennan: The Barsana eye camp is gets underway every year. Your donation to this cause will help save the sight of villagers and farmers now arriving at Barsana from around the Vrindavan region. This year a team of 12 qualified ophthalmologists from Mumbai, more than 30 doctors, 5 nurses and around 150 volunteers from various fields have all converged n Barsana to offer their services to those in need.

Prem Manjari Devi Dasi (Dr. Niketa Chotai), is a gold medal radiologist from Mumbai University. Prem served in Bhaktivedanta hospital for 8 years as Consultant and head of the radiology department, and now works in Singapore.

“When I was at Bhaktivedanta Hospital I got involved in Barsana eye camp,” Prem Manjari says. “The first year I assisted Dr. Deepak Gupta to take care of pre and post operative ward patients. This touched my heart and from then on I took it as a mission to serve Brajbasis and other devotees of Krishna in any capacity I could.”

“Since then I have come to the camp almost every year as head of the post operative ward,” Prem says. “We receive the patients coming out of the cataract surgery and take care of their medical and other needs during their 1 to 2 days stay with us. We carry out the ophthalmologists’ instructions for each patient.” Prem also organizes the shifts and duty roster for the volunteers.

“Barsana eye camp has become an integral part of my life and devotional service” Prem says. “For me it is an opportunity to serve Brajbasis, and my Gurudev’s mission. When I see smiles on the faces of the people of Braj I get a deep sense of satisfaction, as if I have been able to please Radharani.”

Prem Manjari says those volunteering at the camp come always come away changed by their experience. “I have also seen many newcomers coming and serving at Barsana having their heart transformed before they leave.”

“At the eye camp I have had many touching experiences which I treasure in my heart,” Prem says. “Every year many patients would hold my hand. They make me sit next to them and lovingly put their hand on my head like their own child. They would offer me their home made prasadam from their tiffins. Many times they fed me rotis with their own hands.”

Prem tells the story of an elderly patient who was crying whilst being discharged. “She was holding my hand and requesting me to keep her in the camp for few more days, saying that the care being given to her was even more than her own children gave, and she wanted to be with us longer.”

Your donation will enable Bhaktivedanta Hospital to expand and provide more health care and eye surgeries. They will be able to transport more special cases and family members back to Bhaktivedanta Hospital to receive more complex procedures restoring their eye sight and health.

To view the video and make a online donation, visit the web site:

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US / Canada:
Please mail check favoring ‘Share Your Care’ to get tax benefit (EIN:56-2340917) Share Your Care Inc. PO Box 13353, Pittsburgh, PA 15243.

Your can send check favoring ‘Sri Chaitanya Seva Trust – Barsana eye camp’ at the following address – Share Your Care (Attn: Amol Kulkarni), Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Srishti Complex, Sector-1, Mira Road (E), Dist. Thane, Maharashtra – 401104.


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