Dear Congregation of the ISKCON Brisbane Yatra


Dear Congregation of the ISKCON Brisbane Yatra,
Please accept my humble obeisances,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

I hope you all find yourself in happy Krishna Consciousness after the many festivals that we have been celebrating. Especially many devotees have expressed their appreciation of the big Janmastami festival that was organized. Personally also I think it has been a wonderful success, and I wanted to express my heartfull thanks to all the devotees that have served in any of the festivals to make it a pleasing experience to others.

I wanted to express my personal thanks to Param Satya devi dasi and Yadunath das who have feared no inconvenience in organizing the setup, programe, prasada etc. of the festivals of the last month. I will soon send a list of many more devotees I wanted to personally thank for their input, but I prefer to do it in another e-mail in order to make this one not too long.

The pupose of this letter specifically is to ask you kindly to send us please your comments and suggestions how to improve our festivals, especially Janmastami for the upcoming years. We want to improve year after year and would like to have your input, good or bad, for our feed back meeting that the main organizers are going to have in a few days. Please send your opinions to .

I also take advantage of announcing and inviting you cordially to our next community presentation on the 3rd of october 2010 at 3 p.m. at our Brisbane temple. (Free prasadam will be served out at 2 p.m.) The topics of the presentation will be the following: initiations, the ISKCON department structure and screening procedures, as well as an update on the new temple project.

I hope this meets you all very well, and thank you all again, you are a wonderful congregation to work with,

Your servant,
Adikesava dasa
President ISKCON Brisbane


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