Eco-Valley: The Green Path of Harmony – The Video


Krishna-lila Devi Dasi is the Managing Editor of ISKCON News, The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Krishna-lila is a scholar, activist, and filmmaker, and a devotee of Krishna. With a Ph.D. in Comparative Literary Studies and Indian Aesthetics from the University of Budapest, and a Certificate in Screenwriting from New York University, she is the author of 3 books, dozens of articles, and writer-producer of 25 documentaries. As a media spokesperson for ISKCON, she has led several international campaigns against religious and minority discrimination. Krishna-lila Devi Dasi lives in New York.

On 14th of December, Krishna-lila’s film entitled Eco-Valley: The Green Path of Harmony was screened at the United Nation`s 2009 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. (Writer-producer: Krisztina Danka (Krishna-lila Devi Dasi), Director: Norbert Palinkas, Director of Photography: Denes Doboveczky)

Click on the play button and watch and excerpt from Eco-Valley: The Green Path of Harmony


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