Harinam Sankirtan Grassroots Revolution- SYDNEY: Where’s yours?


THIS IS HARINAM SANKIRTAN: Tonight devotees descended on an unsuspecting Sydney city to blast away the top layers of the dust of Kali Yuga and reveal to the world the Holy Names of Lord Sri Krishna. Starting at 580 George Street, right in the middle of the swelling crowd of Thursday night revelers, the Mrdangas and Kartalas cracked a hole in the material world and the bliss of Harinam poured into the world onto the heads of anyone within hearing distance.

As can be expected the sounds of Sri Harinam excitse the spirit soul dwelling deep within the suffering hearts of people and they smile, wave, laugh, sing and dance along as the Sankirtan Party weaves its way through the ‘madding crowd.’

You can tell from the visual clues that the bliss of the Harinam leaks out fom the very pores of the skin of those calling out the Mahamantra. Once you start it is hard to stop. People coming by can tell there is something going on and they are compelled to watch, take photo’s and to call out. You can hear the Sankirtan Coming down the block as the nectar of the names resounds of the walls of the tall buildings and fills the ears of anyone within the reach of the sound waves.

What’s that, he says and he turns around to look because he can’t believe what he is seeing, is this the only sankirtan party on the planet earth where they are distributing Back to Godhead magazine. It’s enough to bring tears to the eyes.

“Here they come, a dancing down the street, they get the funniest looks from, everyrone they meet…. HEY HEY ITS THE HARI’S!!!”


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