Janmastami 2010: Around the world


There would be similar typical scenes at temples and centres all over the world. No-one ever seems to lose their footwear.

Here are The New Govardhan Natyashakti dancers strutting their stuff on the farm on Janmastami night.

Devotees at Brisbane temple recieving darsan during Janmastami. Devotees all over the world are raising their hands and their voices in glorification of Lord Sri Krishna and his appearance in the world.
Krishnapada dasa (facebook)

Incredible wall hanging in Mayapur during Janmastami

Offering their devotion to the Lord on His day of apprearance.

What happened where you are this Janmastami? Let us know where you have posted your photos so we can share them with the assembled devotees. Leave a comment or link below.


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