Kids Janmastami @ Sydney Temple 2010


By Antony Brennan. On Saturday, September 4th, 2010, the devotees at Sydney Temple organised Janmastami for kids. All of the children in our community, and their parents were invited to attend. Here we all are in the Kirtan. All the kids got to participate in bathing the deities as you will soon see, there was a big feast after the abhisheka, and then there was a play about the Syamantaka Jewel.

The temple room became filled with children of all ages, and their parents.

Many of the children have been attending the Temple sunday school where they learn about many of the things that go on in the temple around them.

Prananatha dasa read out the cards that the children had made to offer to Krishna on His appearance day. The children paid great attention to this especially when there card was read out.

Some children wanted to read their own cards to the deities and to the congregation

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha enjoyed every minute of the festivities.

Then the abhisheka began

Everyone lined up, little kids on one side, big kids on the other

You hold your conch and the pujari pours in the liquid oblation

Carefully and nicely you pour the sweet, spiced, liquid all over Radha and Krishna.

All the kids lined up and took their turn, pouring the offering with great concentration

It was great fun also.

Some of us needed a little help

Some of us were just happy to be there

Everyone had a great time. Hare Krishna. Janmastami Kids Day Ki Jay


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