Harinam Sankirtan with HH Kadamba Kanana Swami in Sydney DON’T MISS IT!



Its been confirmed that HH Kadamba Kanana Swami has agreed to lead theh Sydney City Harinama Sankirtana next week on Thursday 14/10/10. That makes this a “Maha Harinama Sankirtana” that should not be missed.

Usually the Harinam goes for 1 hour from 7pm to 8pm. On this special occasion we will extend the bliss for an exra hour so we will crash the gates of Kali Yuga from 7pm to 9pm. Maharaja relishes Harinama, and we can halp support his efforts here in Sydney by bringing as many people by car/bus/train or boat, for this Extra Special Event.

Unconfirmed reports indicate Sri Prahlad may also join in the Thursday Night Sankirtan revolution.

Arrangements are also being made to video this exra special Harinam. This gives us a great oppurtunity to show and promote Harinama Sankirtan to the world.

So make the decision right now to come along and join us all with Maharaja and lets make this a very special night in the history and future of our Yatra.

To get in some practice come along tomorrow night and we’ll offer the Holy Names to the people of Sydney. They Love it! (and so do we…)

Click here to got to the facebook page and find out more. Whilst you’re there let us know you’re coming.

You can email bhakta_michael@yahoo.com.au or call him on 0423208468

We will be waiting for you, don’t be late. See you on the corner of George and Bathurst Streets at 7pm every Thursday. On Thursday 14th we’ll be looiking out for you.

Click here for Sri Harinama Sankirtana every Thursday. If you are not there, where are you?


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