Harinama Sankirtana Grassroots Revolution – Brisbane (Where’s yours?)


Once again Brisbane show us all how it’s done. Twenty one devotees chant and dance in the streets of Brisbane City for 2hrs distributing Prasadam cookies and the Holy Names.

The Kirtan wallahs include Krishnapada Dasa, Deva Gaura Hari Dasa, Acyuta Priya Devi Dasi, Prema Yogi dasa and Rasika Seva Devi Dasi.

Once you go out on Harinama Sankirtana you don’t want to stop. When you are out there singing and dancing and glorifying the Names of Lord Krishna you realise that the assembled members of the public love it. What’s more it is to their, and your eternal spiritual benefit.

Once the Holy Names dance on your tongue you cannot go back. Once the Holy Names enter the ears of the living entities it is too late, their spiritual journey has begun.

Sing the Mantra, change the world.

Check out the latest video if you dare.


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