The Month of Damodara: Sydney Temple


The Month of Damodara

(Karttika Masa)

23rd October – 21st November 2010

Offering lamps to the Deities each evening after 7 o’clock arati

Each year at this time the festival of ‘Kartikka’ or the month of Lord Damodara is celebrated, which commemorates the sweet pastime of Mother Yashoda tryijng to bind her son Lord Krishna to a wooden grinding mortar with ropes.

Each time she tried the ropes were too short, despite repeatedly tying more rope together. Krishna’s mystic power prevented Him being bound, until He saw that by her love she wanted to chastise Krishna, then He let her bind Him out of affection.

Please join us each evening at 7pm for arati, kirtan and offering of lamps whilst the beautiful Damodarastakam prayers are sung.

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