Thunderbolts strike in the heart of Sydney


Two lone thunderbolts struck deep into the heart of Sydney City this week. Passers by were enthralled by the two-man hainam sankirtan band calling out the names of Krishna. Some stood and watched for ages and others clapped and danced to the rhythmic mrdanga.

Two lone voices cut the veil of maya and bringing the sweet sound of Krishna’s names to the river of people on the streets of Sydney. In the photo above you can see how we do the needful when there are few to do it with you.

The stangest people wander by when you are out on the street and you will see what I mean by that in the next photo…

This hairy guy came up and wanted to dance with us so we encouraged him to do it. I have to stop and take a photo so we could share the event with you.

It’s so nice to see the smiling faces of those who are attracted by the sonic reverberberation of Harinam.

Next Thursday we will be back at our launch pad at the corner of George and Bathurt streets in the City of Sydney. We hope you can join us. Not inly is it great fun, but it is for the eternal spiritual benefit of all those who hear and see.

Be there or be square.


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