Blast rocks centre of Sydney


What a blast it was. Everything started of serene and blissful. There was the poor dishevelled man who came up as we were singing out and he said “This is the smallest harinam party I have ever seen.” I said Haribol mate how so you know about that. He had another drag on his cigarette and said “Believe it or not I used to be a brahmacari at the temple!” Then he shuffled off into the night

The there was this young man (above) who was stunned to see us chanting and dancing and wanted to know all about it. “There is a temple?” He said. “Where is it?” Luckily we had a few Back to Godhead magazins to hand out so, as you can see, he know owns one of them.

This dear friend found us when we returned to our starting position after dancing down the street and back. First she chanted with us, then she clapped, next she clapped, chanted and danced. We even let her take the lead for a verse or two.

Bhaja Govinda is off to Fiji soon so next week I need you all to come and chant, danced and sing with me. Please come… you won’t regret it.

Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jay.


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