Blow your mind with the daily Darsan at Melbourne’s Mahaprabhu Mandir


‘Taking Darsan’ means to present yourself before the deitiy for of Lord Krishna to be seen by Him and to see Him. There is great spiritual benefit in this and it should form part of your spiritual practice.

One of the powerful uses of the Internet is that you can ‘take Darsan’ of Krishna in his deity form from locations all over the world. Many temples take photos of the deities who live there and present them on the Internet for our benefit. Some even stream live video of deities for your benefit. You an see a nice example of this at at the web site.

Here is Australia we can see the beautiful deities at Sri Mahaprabhu Mandir in Melbourne. The wonderful devotees there provice the opportnity for darsan almost on a daily basis.

You can see how fabulously the deities there are dressed and taken care of. What a feast for the eyes and soul it is to gaze upon the deities when ever you chose. There are currently 18 different days to look at and more are being added all the time.

Click on this link to be transported to the Darsan section of the melbourne temple web site and blow the dust of the Kaliyuga from your subtle body.

Click on this link to visit he home page of the ISKCON Melbourne web site


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