Devotees Caught on Video


Harinam Sankirtan Party caught on video as they rip it up in Sydney Australia. Thousands of people hear the names of Krishna as the Harinam party cruise the city chanting, dancing and distributing mercy.

Starting at the corner of George and Bathurst streets in the centre of the city the Harinam party trace a golden thread through the streets enlivening the large throng who gather in the city on Thursday night.

Everyone smiles and waves as the devotees move along through the crowd. People join in the dancing and singing. Some passers by come and dance like wild things.

Right a the start two young men came up and said do you remember us from a few weeks ago. They had previously asked could they dance along, and they did gain this time.

Who said devotees can’t jump?

and whi says devotees can’t play air guitar.


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