The most dynamic web site for devotees of Krishna in Australia

1 is the web site of the Melbourne Hare Krishna Community, and Mahaprabhu Mandir, the ISKCON temple at 197 Danks St, Albert Park. This is probably the most dynamic web site for devotees of krishna in Australia, with new updates on a daily basis.

In the left column the web site has a host of interesting links to other location on the internet. You will find links to take you to the latest news, to audio pages, cooking, education, devotee blogs and much more.

Every day the Srimad Bhagavatam class at the Melbourne temple is recorded and posted at for the eternal spiritual benefit of devotees in Australia and around the world.

According to the footer message is 6 years old and has received 4,406,975 page views.

Click here to visit the web site at


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