New Govardhana Farm Produces cruelty free milk


A FARM south of the Gold Coast is laying claim to producing Australia’s only non-violent milk.

Workers on New Govardhana farm do not use dogs to round up cattle, machines for milking or send cows to slaughter.

In fact, when Vrindavana Sevika Devi Dasi calls her herd, they come running.

Vrindavana said their milk, known as ahimsa milk, was much creamier and sweeter than normal milk because of the treatment of the cows.
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Her work starts at 4.30am with a spiritual program in the farm’s temple, followed by hand-milking at 5am.

Only six of the farm’s 70 cows are milked but the 80 Hare Krishna devotees who live on the farm do not believe in killing them.

Vrindavana said the Hare Krishna wanted to make a stand against violence and show the dairy industry a positive alternative.

New Govardhana Farm

New Gokula Farm at Millfield also produce cruelty free milk.

New Gokula Farm

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