Thursday Harinam Sankirtan Sydney Style


Mobile phone photos by Bhaja Govinda

As you can see we have taken to enlisting members of the public to join in the harinam party. This guy so wanted to dance with us so we said sure, if you lift up your arms you’re in. So he did and he danced for about 10 minutes.

As usual the crowd were very happy to see us

Just like last week we did Harinam at our base point 580 George Street. (corner of George and Bathurst Streets, Sydney) Thanks to Lord Gauranga that we are still able to continue in rain, hail or shine.

We started at sharp 7pm and chanted for 1 hour. In a very dangerous move Antony was leading the kirtan while holding the maha mantra banner and playing kartalas. Bhaja Govinda was playing the mrdanga, both were chanting Sri Harinam aloud.

People passing by waived and some chanted the Hare Krishna mantra with us. This week some young people came forward and chanted with us. It was fun.

The owner of the nearby flower stall said: “I see you all every week here, and its nice to see you all and the music you play. I like the sound.” Fortunately enough for him we chant near his stall each week. All glories to Sri Harinama Sankirtana.. See you all next week ….

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