This is Kali Yuga Dham & Janananda Swami is the heart and soul of Harinam Sankirtan: In Brisbane – on video!


Last night in Brisbane H.H. Janananda Goswami was joined by 46 devotees for 2 hpurs of ecstatic chanting, dancing, book and Prasadam distribution.

The roar of the kirtan shook the very foundation of the city and was felt thousands of kilometres away. This wonderful opportunity to increase the spreading of the holy names to every town and village by Harinam Sankirtan is continually available to us. You can choose to increase the chanting of the holy names. Choose to join the Sankirtan party, choose life.

Raise your hands and limber up your tonsils, put on your dancing feet and click play on the video below. More Harinam, it’s the only way.

Gaura Premanandi!


  1. Hare Krishna,

    Janananda Goswami is in Brisbane at the moment, I think he goes to Melbourne soon and then comes to Sydney.


    Madhumangala Dasa


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