Krishnafest @ Govinda Yoga


Krishnafest is an evening of devotional meditation focusing on bhakti-yoga.

Bhakti yoga is in one sense the essence of all yoga. Yoga means “to link” and bhakti means “love”. By adding love and devotion to any yoga practice the essence of yoga is brought to the fore, and this harmoniously connects us to our original identity.

Through an understanding of our relationship with the Supreme Spirit (Krishna in His personal form), we discover a life of fulfillment and experience love in every action, be it work, play or yoga practice. Krishnafest is a unique experience centered on mantra meditation (kirtan yoga), personal development and good friends.

Experience rhythm as we chant mantras with musical accompaniment, thought as we look at bhakti-yoga in a modern-day context and flavor as we wrap things up with an awesome vegetarian meal, friendly discussion and good times. Bring an instrument if you have a musical side, and bring a friend!

Krishnafest runs every Saturday 5-7pm. We guarantee an uplifting spiritual experience and yummiest $5 vegetarian dinner available in Christchurch.

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