Spirituality In the Pub


Image by Vara Nayaka dasa

Yesterday Devotees of Krishna went to the pub in Newtown to take part in SIP (Spirituality In the Pub), a multi-faith initiative bringing spiritual message right to your pub table.

It happens 4 times a year, and people from different spiritual organisations share their message.

Sri Prahlad told the story of his personal journey, and spiritual discoveries. He received a big round of applause and was given a big basket of fruits as a token of appreciation from the organizers.

Hare Krishna Food For Life operates in Newtown near the pub. So many people know us there and appreciate what we do in Newtown. During the program you could see the Food For Life van through pub’s windows distributing prasadam.

Spirituality in the pub is not about preaching, it is focussed on having a conversation. In the past few generations things have changed considerably and often peoples spiritual needs are left out of the conversation our community has amongst its members. Spirituality in the pub aims to being our spiritual lives back into the conversation.

Many of the people who are part of the ‘pub’ social scene may never hear about their spiritual selves, or about Krishna consciousness. Now they can.


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