The 3D temple Initiative: On the event horizon of Krishna conscious computer games


3D Temple Project is an initiative to inspire a push for collaboration and direction into exploring the field of Krishna Conscious Video Games.

We’ve started to create a virtual simulation of the Brisbane Hare Krishna Temple, including all the sounds, objects, tastes and colours you’d normally experience during your visit. There are several reasons why we’ve chosen to recreate the Temple experience:

* Build up assets (models, sounds, scripts) to assist future KC game development.
* It will be a lot more cleaner then the real life Temple (huhuhu).
* It’s a great learning curve for everyone.
* All aspects of development will be documented and released openly to assist other aspiring game developers.
* Yes, it will be free. Models, sounds, everything. Free for everyone! Wow!
* Multi platformed, for PC and Mac. Playable inside the browser or available for download.
* Other projects are now happening from the assets created, exciting

Come and look at the website and see how you might be able to contribute to the project


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