The best darn Harinam in the country sets fire to the town!


Get down! and get back up again!

Come along to the best darn harinam in the country!

Friday 19:00 starting at Govindas Hare Krishna Restaurant in Brisbane, Australia

Parking is 15 dollars just across the way at MYER center on Elizabeth Street

Harinam Sankirtan is the Yuga Dharma. Get into it and get satisfied. Your soul will thank you eternally.

There is nothing like calling out the Holy Names and enlivening all the passers-by.

Your entire body and mind will be thrilled for hours afterwards. Sri Harinam will reveal His self in your heart and mind as well as on your tongue.

You will not be dissapointed. This is the real thing. Start the fire burning in your soul.

Join Brisbane Harinam party, click on this link to fnd them on Facebook, the world is waiting just for you

Sri Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jay


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