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I’m from Russia but I have been living in Mayapur Dham for the past three years. I was born a devotee. Just before I started this course I was studying in the girls school. I was also doing service in the sewing room. I want to do this course because I want to become a better devotee and want to learn how to serve Krsna. I am really looking forward to this course!

Radharani (Bhn.)

Writing and book work has always been my best areas of focus in school. After I graduated high school I spent six years in college developing a degree in English and communication. I also thrived in history and bio-anthropology. None of these subjects had me do anything more than open a book and type on a computer. And to most of the masses, what I was studying was quite difficult. So up until last week I felt proud of myself for having these credentials… until turban wrapping and deity dressing came into my life.

Mandakini (Bhn.)

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