Hare Krishnas Feature in Superbowl report (NZ)


“Imagine how good the after match meals would be”

By Dean Butler for 3news.co.nz

Superbowl 45 has been and gone and for me the big winners were The Black Eyed Peas and Slash!

Only in America could the half time entertainment get more exposure than the game itself… maybe at U2’s next gig they could have a grid iron game as the support act!

What I like most about him though is his Rats Tail, and hopefully that will send a message out to all Rat’s Tailers everywhere that you can have a shoelace attached to the back of your head and still be an excellent rugby player.

I say we contact the Hare Krishna’s immediately and get them into it… okay, they may turn out to be total rubbish but imagine how good the after match meals would be. They could even do the haka with Tambourines… ka mate! Ka mate! Hare! Hare! I can hear it now. Go The All Oranges!

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