ISKCON Mauritius Vs McDonalds


Once again McDonalds desires to open a store next to the ISKCON temple at Jumbo Phoenix in Mauritius.

Several Hindu organisations, have voiced support for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) who’s temple is near the complex where the McDonald’s franchise intend to do business.

ISKCON Mauritius is working on a major project to build a new temple which would be only 34 metres from the proposed McDonald’s restaurant.

“The restaurant that proposes to start operations immediately next door to ISKCON is considered as a symbol of cow slaughter. It is a prominent visual representation of the exact opposite of what we preach,” an ISKCON spokesman says. “We are only asking that the new restaurant be relocated inside the food court at Jumbo Phoenix.”

McDonalds have previosly desired to open a restaurant at the same location but backed down after protest by ISKCON devotees.

Currently the proposed 250 seat McDonalds is preparing to open in mid-February.


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