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In the coming week, ISKCON’s panel of lawyers will be filing a case in court to protest against the opening of the big American franchise in the Jumbo Commercial Centre.

“ISKCON is an international organisation which respects and reveres the cow. Any harm to a cow is not tolerated, and certainly not its slaughter. McDonald’s, on the other hand, promotes cow slaughter and together with its prominent visual representation directly opposite the ISKCON temple, the restaurant will show disrespect to Lord Krishna, who will be worshipped within the close proximity of 100 metres,” said Ajay Chaitanya, President of ISKCON, Mauritius, during a peaceful demonstration next to McDonald’s at 5pm to 7pm, on Wednesday.

He added that Hare Krishna Land hosts a number of important facilities for the Mauritian public and that it is also a site for a new temple and spiritual village.

“It is not the smell, as some people may think, that disturbs us. It is the close proximity of McDonald’s. Moreover, when we are talking of proximity, we are not referring to the temple which already exists in Phoenix but the land on the opposite side of Jumbo Commercial Centre on which we are planning to develop a spiritual village,” said the President.

Ten years ago, McDonald’s applied for a licence from the Municipality of Quatres-Bornes to open its doors at Toys R Us. On grounds of religious sensitivity, ISKCON had objected and McDonald’s was refused a permit. ISKCON deplores the fact that this time, without informing it, Mc Donald’s had obtained a permit from the Municipality of Vacoas-Phoenix to operate right in front of its shrine.

Srinjaya Das, the secretary of ISKCON, confirmed that the movement has filed a case at the CCID on Wednesday and the Independent Broadcasting Association against a private radio for its disturbing remarks which they feel would incite racial hatred. He also revealed that a panel of voluntary lawyers is working on filing a case against McDonald’s by the end of this week. Moreover, ISCKON has already contacted the head office of McDonald’s to protest at the opening of one of its franchise next to the Hare Krishna Land.

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