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January has been a wonderful month for kirtan in Sydney. On the 22nd and 23rd, we had a 40 hour kirtan celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Hare Krishna community in Sydney and Australia. One of the highlights was a performance by Swamis from Satyananda Yoga at Mangrove Mountain. Another highlight was the kirtans performed by Gaura Vani and his USA based group As Kindred Spirits. They are currently on tour in Australia and I had the fortune of attending each of the group’s six concerts in Sydney. I have a particular affection for these kirtan musicians as lead singer Gaura Vani and bass player Shree Shyam and I all went to school together in 1980s at an ashram in Vrindavan India.

n January we also had the opportunity to share kirtan on the Lily World stage for each of the two days of the ‘Big Day Out’ in Sydney. It was a different environment to that of a peaceful Yoga School, so we kept the tempo more upbeat. Despite the 40+ degree heat, hundreds of people danced in front of the stage. After the second day, I asked two girls who had been dancing ecstatically in front of the stage how they liked the kirtan. They replied they had never experienced anything so wonderful and blissful as kirtan. They said that although it was over 40 degrees, they had goose bumps all over the bodies from the chanting! So, just what happens to people in kirtan? This is the focus of this issue of Kirtan Magic, covered in our feature article entitled “What are the Benefits of Kirtan?”, as well as our feature Kirtan Quote by Swami Satyananda. Please enjoy and feel free to get involved by commenting on my blog and of course I hope to meet you soon at one of our upcoming kirtan events!

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