Please Help the Mayapur Academy.


To house the wonderful new books that we are collecting for our library Mayapur Academy library needs a new bookcase. The library currently has over 5000 books in over 50 languages and there are so many new books waiting for shelving. Our latest acquisitions came from the World Sanskrit book fair and were chosen for us by Vidvan Gauranga Prabhu. A new bookcase will cost around $3000 so any any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated….Thank you!

The Mayapur Academy is a joint educational initiative of the Mayapur Deity Department and ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry. Our goal is to train brahmanas that are capable of fulfilling the needs of ISKCON communities. Our complete website can be found at and our blog at

The Mayapur Academy is located at ISKCON Mayapur, situated on the beautiful banks of the Ganges River, in Sridhama Mayapur, West Bengal.

to visit our CAUSE at any assistance, however small, is greatly appreciated


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