The Power of Sound: Sri Prahlada at Govinda’s Lotus Room


Sri Prahlada and the Bhakti band played to a full house in the Lotus Room at Govindas on Saturday night, February 19th. We heard about the power of sound. How sound as music can make produce happiness, can calm you, or excite you. The we heard that the spiritual sound of the kirtan, of the singing the divine names in the association of others has a powerful effect, that of awakening your spiritual nature.

Then the kirtan arose: Prahlada and the band leading the voyage and the audience joining in on response. Everyone seemed to know when it was their turn and a river of bliss poured through the room. Afterward many people commented on how much fun it is to chant along and how a definite positive feeling arises.

Just in case you couldn’t be there, here’s a small taste of how things started up, later on people found it hard to stay seated.

Then there was dancing. The sound of the kirtan is so infectious that for some it is hard to stay still and is as if the body just wants to dance in responce to the music.

Then a delicious dinner from Govindas buffet.

Long live the kirtan revolution

See you at the next event

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