Please Volunteer to be in a play with Parividha Prabhu: Sydney


HG Parividha Prabhu (disciple of Srila Prabhupada) is going to visit Sydney next week. Here is his website link:

Parividha Prabhu has dedicated his life to Krishna conscious theater and stage performance.

For the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha, and all of us, On Saturday, 19 of February he’s going to perform a play. He needs help from 3 male and 3 female actors. These roles do not require a lot of experience in acting. Parividha is confident that he can rehearse with a very eager soul.

He’s going to arrive in Sydney early next week, have few rehearsals and perform on Saturday night. He also wants to do drama workshop during the day on Saturday.

I think, that it’s a great opportunity for our drama enthusiasts. If you would like to observe an experienced devotee-actor in action, then joining Parividha for few days of rehearsals would be the best chance of doing it.

His play portrays the life of a devotee filled with spiritual highs and challenges. It’s a very meaningful performance full of insight into a spiritual journey and possible setbacks on the path.
Last weekend, Parividha did this play at the Melbourne temple. This is one of the feedbacks he has received:

“Your transcendental songs were full of truth, feeling & inspiration. I left feeling both happy & humbled. Humbled because of your honest & real portrayal of devotees struggle in the material world. ”

Please let me know if you’re interested in either helping him in his play (that means you’d have to attend the rehearsals), or attending the workshop on Saturday.

Thank you very much.

Your servant,

Vara-nayaka das

PS. Please inform your friends about this opportunity.


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