Follow our footprints: Documentary Screening and video


UrbanYoga is an inner city community hub for people looking for an authentic spiritual boost. Rise above the fast paced consumer culture and enter an oasis of calm where qualities of wisdom and goodness are valued. Come just for yoga, or with a desire to explore the lifestyle and deep practical wisdom behind it. All programs at UrbanYoga include a delicious vegetarian meal in a relaxed and convivial setting.

Our feet go all over the planet,so do our thoughts,desires and waste products.What are we leaving behind that creates a chain reaction of a deluding consciousness.We may think our lifestyles are simple and quick and efficient but are we aware of the overall impact our current existence has on the planet,which is full of resources and energy? Check out the website here

Urban Yoga presents the Follow Our Footprints documentary which examines the amount of products consumed in a lifetime and the impact it has on the environment. Just think ‘ Our inner qualities reflect into the outside world.’.It actually starts with each individual.We will discuss and exchange ideas on which steps we can each take.

Come and learn the tools and techniques to helps change the qualities within us to create a better you,earth and planet Earth.

See you then

From Urban Yoga Facebook event Click here to see the event page.

Click go below to check out the video of Urban Yoga at Crossways in Melbourne


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