ISKCON Transcriptions Presents: Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami’s Vedic Leadership Seminar


The whole concept of Vedic leadership starts with the principle of self-realization. The information you will be presented with is not technically different from what you have possibly encountered since your association with Krishna consciousness. The difference is that it will be seen, not just in the light of philosophy, but in a way that practically applies to your life. Not just something to think about but as something that you use. The idea is that you will understand how to take any aspect of the philosophy that you are reading and apply it in day to day life because that is where leadership happens- in day to day life, not elsewhere. Leadership means that you do things and others take inspiration from it. So it is a very personal thing and a very practical thing.

If you have the leadership course; on page 16 in the middle we define leadership. In the middle of the page there are two quotes from Srila Prabhupada- “Leader means first class disciple- Evam Parampara Praptam” and “Guru Mukha Padma Vakya, Ara Na Kariha Mane Asa- To follow the order of the bona fide guru; this is leader.”

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