Rathayatra – Festival of Chariots Parade, Bigge Park, Liverpool


Dear Friends,
Hare Krishna.
Open invitation to everyone to come and participate in the Rathayatra – Festival of Chariots
Parade starts from Bigge Park, Liverpool
Sunday, 3rd July 2011, 10:00 am
This is an Open Free invitation to everyone to come and participate in the Ratha Yatra Festival. Festival of Chariot, is one of the oldest street parade in India and is celebrated in great fun fare at the India’s eastern city of Puri.  In India, this is one of the few iconic festivals and is also a becoming popular in other parts of the World.  It has been celebrated in a grand manner showcasing the best of Indian culture – with festival tents, entertainment stages, free-snacks booths, and a variety of cultural displays and exhibits, Dance, Drama, Music, colourful festivities and other fun filled programs.
This year’s festival includes a street parade and a cultural show. The street parade route is as follows, Bigge St, Moore St, George St, Scott St, Northumberland St, Bigge St, Liverpool. After the Street Parade there will be Cultural shows, with Classical Indian Dancing and Music, distribution of delicious Free Pure Vegetarian snacks in Bigge park. Guests will be allowed to pull the Chariot using the two ropes, sing and dance in the procession.
This street festival provides an opportunity to showcase tolerance and peaceful co-existence between many cultures of Liverpool.  Persons from Australia, Fiji, India, Sri Lanka have attended previous events.  This year its a whole day family event by including cultural show and Music for children. It is proposed to promote this event as a multicultural event and inviting other cultures to attend the event and showcase their culture as well. One of the aim of the Festival is to Increase aware of Indian Culture/Art and to showcase it’s rich heritage culture in promoting peace and harmony among communities, by connecting with youth, students, new migrants and senior citizens. This get-together aims to strengthen the local communities.
The Vedic scriptures state that anyone who sees Lord Jagannatha or pulls His chariots achieves immense spiritual benefit, attaining liberation from the material world and entrance into the eternal blissful pastimes of the Lord. Anyone who has experienced the Rathayatra has surely experienced ecstasy. The mood of the day is charged with devotion, excitement and complete surrender as devotees brush the streets before the chariot. The sea of people in the procession call out loudly for the Lord´s attention as they eagerly await their turn to pull the cart or sweep the streets. The entire atmosphere is one of happiness, joy and celebration. Ratha Yatra, the festival of the chariots, is a procession of Lord Krishna in his form of Jagannatha, Lord of the Universe. We need a lot of people to come and help pull this Ratha.
Befitting the sentiment of its origins, Festival of Chariots serve as reunion for different community groups who come from far and wide to participate and learn about the Indian Art, Culture and Heritage. It will facilitate intercultural activities, multiculturalism and build a cohesive tolerant and peaceful community.

Anyone interested in helping with decoration, Organsing/Setup, and Prasadam are most welcome.

Bring your family and friends along. All are welcome! Free Admission!
Please forward this invitation to your family and friends
Your Humble Servant
Ananda Moya Das
0412 474 295 


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