Mayapur Days: A blog to take you home


At some point in our lives, we go home. We go home to see loved ones, and when love leaves us; we go home to celebrate, and when we’re lonely; we go home when death visits, and when new life enters; we go home when we’re beaten, and when we’re proud; we go home to remember, and to forget; we go home to escape the past, or to make a new road into the future. Whatever the reason, we go home because it is the one place we belong, the place that’s ours, that doesn’t judge, condemn, misunderstand, or dismiss. It is that place we’re all looking for.

Mayapur is home. It is my shelter in every way: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is my retreat, my cave, my comfort zone, my fulfilled desire. The sounds of Mayapur are magical, lyrical, liberating, peaceful, and beautiful; an intoxicating array of chants, mantras, songs, and bells; a divine choir of birds and people, even dogs, jackals, and countless other beings that reside in this mystical place; a blissful view of green, green, and more green, from rice fields to jute crops, from the palm fronds that brush the window screens to the fresh, soft banana leaves we eat from. The varied aromas fill the air and wrap themselves around the senses: early morning scents of night-blooming jasmine from the garden; the curling smoke from incense offered in the temple as it sneaks into your clothes, your nose, your mind, your heart; the endless array of foods served to pilgrims or friends who visit, or bought from street stalls, or offered to the Lord in the temple, or cooked at home — all of it sharing the lingering spice of life that is Mayapur…

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