Balarama Mridanga Around the world


The things you find on Facebook. My Facebook friend “Balarama Mridanga” has this photo gallery of Balarama Mrdangas being used all over the world

Srila Prabhupada said, “It takes so much work to make one of these drums. And our men throw them down like pots. So go to the west. Use your western technology. Make a drum that they cannot break. And put a strong strap on it. The day will come when there will be big, big sankirtan in the streets. And the people will want drums. And we will give them drums.” (Told by Ishan dasa, creator of the Balarama Mridanga)

From Balaram Mridangas around the world., posted by Balaram Mridanga on 9/17/2010 (200 items)

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