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I remember hearing a devotee talking about chanting…this is when I was watching video footage before joining the movement in the mid 1980’s. He made a profound and simple statement: “We chant Hare Krsna to control the mind” – here are some tips to help us focus the mind on the mantra.

-Don’t do anything whilst chanting Japa

-Pronounce each word very clearly (even if it means slowing down your chanting)

-Listen very carefully to the sound coming out your mouth (some devotees stand in a corner, others hold their cupped hand to their ear to hear more clearly)

-Try to chant in a non-distractive environment and if possible read the Mantra whilst you chant (in Temples this was a common addition to the Temple room…the Maha Mantra on the wall)..I personally found this a very effective way to keep the mind from wandering.

-We all have to pray to Krsna to help us chant attentively…

Rasa Rasika

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