Live Today – Harinam in Sydney Australia


Today the vibration of Harinam Sankirtan resounded in the heart of Sydney. People smiled, waved, and danced along to the infectious rhythm as the Sankirtan team moved through the crowds and around the city.

From Town Hall to China Town, from Paddy’s Markets to Pitt St Mall the sounds of the names of Krishna echoed down the street and laneways. Great benefit was brought to everyone who heard the sound or saw the sights. Having heard the names of Krishna once it will be forever with them and will grow slowly for some, and more quickly for others until they all come to recognise the purpose of their living. Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jay.

From Harinam Sydney Australia 16 July 2011, posted by Antony Brennan on 7/16/2011 (135 items)

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