Swami Satyananda On Kirtan


A friend recently sent me this quote from Swami Satyananda – perhaps best known for writing one of the world’s most popular manuals on yoga – Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha. He was a disciple of Swami Sivananda, and his lineage emphasises integrating different aspects of yoga, like Kundalini, and Kriya yogas. Before he passed away in India in 2009, he spoke about his vision for the future. It’s a startling and beautiful picture, that many of us are seeing manifest.

“It will be full of sankirtan. The sound of sankirtan soirees will ring in the atmosphere. Renowned singers and musicians will step into kirtan singing, because the joy and ecstasy derived from devotional music cannot be found elsewhere. Two objectives will automatically be served in this way. First, the standard of music will improve. Second, those who find the spiritual path very difficult will find it easy through bhakti. Therefore, those of you who can sing and who have a family must sing kirtan. Dance, music and sankirtan will dominate this century. There will be metropolitan sankirtan, cruise sankirtan, forest sankirtan, mountain sankirtan and, of course, temple sankirtan…..”

Click here to check out the Mantrology web site and see the rest of the quote.


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